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A Tourist's Paradise
Bangladesh came into existence in 1971 when Bengali East Pakistan seceded from its union with West Pakistan.The country is divided into five administrative areas: Dhaka (North Central); Rajshahi (Northwest); Khulna (Southwest); Barisal (South); and Chittagong (Southeast). Formerly, 'Dhaka' was spelt 'Dacca'.

The People's Republic of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, is bounded to the west and northwest by West Bengal (India), to the north by Assam and Meghalaya (India), to the east by Assam and Tripura (India) and by Myanmar (Burma) to the southeast. About a third of this extremely poor country annually floods during the monsoon rainy season, hampering economic development.

Dhaka, the historic city and capital of Bangladesh, lies on the Buriganga River. The river connects the city with all major inland ports in the country, contributing to its trade and commerce, as it has done for centuries. The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali (Bangla). English is widely spoken especially in government and commercial circles. 86% of the population is Muslim. There are also small Hindu, Buddhist and Christian minorities. Religion is the main influence on attitudes and behaviour. Since 1988 Islam has been the official state religion.